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Sony WH-1000XM3: Easily the best noise-cancelling headphones available

12/29/2018 11:12:34 AMVisitors: 503

Sony can lay claim to making one of the best headphones ever with the noise-cancelling WH-1000XM3. The Japanese company has become a byword for quality noise-cancelling wireless headphones—a reputation it earned first with the WH-1000X and WH-1000XM2 headphones.

WH-1000XM3 has a feature called Adaptive Sound Control with integrated Sense Engine: effectively meaning users can cancel out what they don't want to hear and select what they want to. If you are travelling on a train you can cancel the chatter of your co-passengers but still listen to announcements.

This eliminates the hassle of taking off the headphones or reducing the volume. The feature also instantly reduces music volume and uses microphones located on the earcup to let voices in. It’s a feature you won’t find on Bose headphones yet and therefore, ups the popularity of Sony.

The headphone can adapt to changing surroundings and switch between multiple sound barriers for the best audio. This means you can change the settings for honking sound being audible while crossing roads etc.

Sony 1000XM3 headphoneSporting an over-the-ear design, the 1000XM3 has a solid plastic build. Around the left earcup, you’ll find the only two buttons on the headset: one for "Power/Bluetooth" and another to switch the noise cancellation between its three settings for "On, Ambient Mode and Off". On the other earcup, you’ll find an auxiliary jack. There is a USB Type-C port for charging. The 1000XM3 is 20 grams lighter than its predecessors.

A soft leatherette dome covers the headphones' ear cups and headband, making the device comfortable to use for extended hours.

A feature called “Quick Attention Mode” allows users to easily control content with touch--pause a song by double-tapping, for example—but it needs time to get accustomed to.

The Rs 29,990-headset’s sound quality challenges Bose devices. If you are on a noisy train, it will make you feel you are in the quiet of your home.

The WH-1000XM3's battery can last as long as 30 hours on full charge. Compare that to Bose QuietComfort 35, which gets drained out in a day's time. I used the headphones for about three weeks and during that time, but I charged it just thrice. The back-up, therefore, stands true to the company's claim and the audio quality does not deteriorate in low battery situation.

Overall, the 1000XM3 headphones are manna for music fanatics and solo travellers. If you are a traveller or have to work in noisy offices, these headphones definitely give you the best audio quality as well as the peace of mind while working. My concentration levels were enhanced, too.

With comfort, improved noise-cancelling and brilliant audio quality, the headphones justify its price. The gestures on the headphones are a tad clunky, but the sound quality is par excellence. Go for it if you wish for such sound quality for your favourite music.

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