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On Page SEO Optimization: Search Engine Optimization, SEO Services

On Page Optimization is one of the initial steps of search engine optimization process (SEO Process). Getting a good ranking in a search engine hasn’t been the easiest job now days. Search engines are getting smarter & intelligent day by day, so now it takes more than just good content to top your competitors. For search engine optimization (SEO) websites content should be Avoid hidden text and hidden links. Every business wants to achieve top organic search results in order to take advantage of relevant organic search traffic and their website.

  • Title Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Important HTML Tags
  • Keyword Optimization & Synonyms
  • Link Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Anchor Text Optimization
  • URL Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Keywords Density
  • Site maps, both XML and user facing
  • Usability and accessibility
  • Track target keywords
  • User friendly 404 pages
  • Fast loading pages
  • Top quality fresh content (This is always the most important SEO factor!)
  • External links (no broken links or links to ‘bad’ sites)
Don’ts: On Page Optimization
  • Duplicate content
  • URL variants of the same pages
  • Off-site images and content on-site
  • Duplicate title tags
Extra Usability: @ WebShree SEO
  • Site Map Creation (XML & Html)
  • Tracking Code Generation
  • Robots.txt
  • Google Authorship verification for all pages
Should be avoid: @ Search Engine Optimization
  • Hidden text
  • Hidden links
  • Keyword repetition
  • Doorway pages
  • Mirror pages
  • Cloaking

On Page Optimization is just a seo process. At WebShree we offer affordable Seo packages. We also offer on page seo services within a fixed era. On Page Optimization tactics run under the sites or in other words it is a whole site analysis process and on site implementation..

Request a quote for SEO Packages in Delhi and SEO services Delhi.

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