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Website Designing Standards

Web Designing Standards are arranged by discipline and specialty. Some aspects of specific discipline's standard are also apply to other disciplines. To fully understand the designing requirements, designers should consult all applicable Designing Standards. The Design of web pages is the life of projects or websites. Our Web Designing Standards presents clear and concise technical requirements, and processes to enable design professionals to prepare plans and reports necessary for development of both public and private projects within the city.

Designs shall respond with the capabilities of unit staff and the local market for support services. Web Designing Standards for each discipline are divided into two broad categories: Requirements and Professional Guidance. Using Website Designing standards will ensure that all browsers will display your Website properly, without time-consuming.

Website Designing Standards

Web Designing Standards are essential for a high quality and consistency across all communications produced by Webshree.

Branding elements positions.

The correct use of corporate Business.

Standards are useful for ensuring brand consistency.

Website Designing Standards

Graphic designing Standard

  • Create innovative onscreen experiences.
  • Image editing in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Video editing in Photoshop.
  • Vector graphics for virtually in any medium.
  • Professional page layout and production for print.
  • InDesign presentation.
  • Efficient delivery of accessible documents.
  • PDF file creation, editing, and delivery.

To make internet a better place, for both developers and visitors, it is important for both Designers and Web developers to follow the Website Graphic Standards. When developers follow the Web standards, the development is simplified, since it is easier for a developer to understand another's coding. Every browser should contain a proper layout.Web standards make it easier for people with disabilities to use the Web. W3C standards creates and maintains the Web standards.