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SSL Certificate Providers Company in Delhi

To secure your website one needs to purchase something called SSL certificate. At WebShree, we as a web hosting services provider also a SSL Certificate Services Company, can server you with SSL Certificate Service. SSL certificate is analogous to an online identification card. SSL certificate also encrypts any data that passes through https protocol.

While any one requests data from the server it looks for the SSL certificate which will verify websites identity with the certificate. If everything is good, process takes place where an encryption method is decided through SSL.

Why SSL Certificate is necessary?

End To End Security
Secure For Online Payment
Better Ranking in Google Search
Increase Customers' Trust & Confidence
Looks More Professional
Increase Brand Value
Our Best Logo Designing Services
  • Key Differences Between HTTP and HTTPS

  • The points given below covers the difference between HTTP and HTTPS:

  • If we talk about security HTTP has security issues whereas HTTPS is secured.
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol operates at application layer. On the contrary, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure functions at Transport Layer.
  • HTTPS requires certificates to verify the identity of the websites. As against, in HTTP there is no requirement of certificates.
  • No encryption is used in HTTP. On the other hand both encryption and decryption is used in HTTPS.
  • For communication purposes, port number 80 is utilized in HTTP, while HTTPS makes use of port number 443.
  • HTTP is prone to man-in-the-middle and eavesdropping attacks, but HTTPS is designed to resist such attacks.

WebShree - SSL Certificate provider in Delhi or SSL Certificate provider in Rohini

Both HTTP and HTTPS are the hypertext document transferring protocol, but HTTPS provides a secure way to transfer the sensitive data, information and file from client to server and vice-versa on the internet. SO if you are looking for an SSL Certificate Services in Delhi or Rohini, please call WebShree at 09654601044 or send your requirements at